Images of Greece

After a long flight, we made it to Greece, and it was well worth it as it is an absolutely breathtaking country.  I have posted photos from the host city of the Pre Olympic Scientific Congress, Thessaloniki. Thessaloniki is the place that Thessalonians (in the bible) was written. It has significant history from the Byzantine Empire, which was around the time of Christ. There are also photos of the day we played hooky from the Congress and took a day trip to Athens to see the Parthenon and Acropolis.  There are photos of the Greek countryside from the train that are extremely beautiful.  We visited an ancient church and an ancient Monastery. Standing in that monastery was very reverent experience.  It was actually locked up, however we met a very kind teacher from Greece who was attending the Congress who spoke to the caretaker and ultimately permitted us to go in.  This monastery is not on any guided tour, we were very lucky to experience this. My presentation went very well and I received excellent feedback from a well respected South African biomechanics professor of the university's Ph.D. program.

Thessaloniki photos

 thessaloniki1 jpg 0 This was a statue in Thessaloniki, which was the host city for the Pre-Olympic Scientific Congress.
 thessaloniki2 jpg 0 This was a museum that was at one time a prison. 
 thessaloniki party jpg 0 A party consisting of Greek cuisine, dancing, and culture was given to all of the Scientific Congress participants towards the end of the symposium at "the King's Palace". 
 thessaloniki party1 jpg 0 The Greek cuisine at the party. 

Parthenon photos
 parthenon1 jpg 0 The Parthenon, view from front.
parthenon2 jpg 0  Janice and I at the front of the Parthenon. 
 Athena jpg 0 This ancient palace was dedicated to the goddess, Athena.   This was about 100 yards away from the Parthenon. 
 Athena2 jpg 0 This is the same photo as the one to the left, except it shows the whole building. 


 presentation1 jpg 0 The beginning of the presentation
 presentation2 jpg 0 Taking questions after the presentation 
 presentation3 jpg 0 Wrapping up the talk