About 'Health Beyond Medicine'


When his infant son’s life was threatened by a medical condition that the hospital physicians couldn’t diagnose, chiropractor Dr. Scott Paton took matters into his own hands.

Taking a chance, he decided to apply a gentle chiropractic technique that ended up restoring his baby’s health. But unfortunately, these treatments are dismissed by those who reject unconventional medicine.

The US ranks a distant (and disgraceful) thirty-seventh in healthcare, according the World Health Organization. The reason? Western medical practices focus on prescription medications that mask symptoms rather than address the illness. This system is dangerously eroding our health and putting children at serious risk…but Dr. Paton has an alternative solution.

Health Beyond Medicine: A Chiropractic Miracle gives a detailed examination of:

  • The five secrets to superior health and longevity
  • Modern medicine as it is practiced today
  • Case studies of chiropractic treatment
  • Specific techniques that can change your life

Now is the time to take control over our lives and guarantee our own healthy, happy and secure futures. After all, true wellbeing comes from inside the body - not from inside a bottle.