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Dr. Scott Paton

Doctor of Chiropractic

I never thought that it was acceptable that doctors should know so much about their patients and their patients’ families when the patients don’t know anything about their doctor. For this reason, a short version of my bio is presented:

I grew up in Coral Springs, Florida (in a family of four boys) and went to college at the University of South Florida, here in Tampa. As I pursued a degree in chemistry, I played on the USF Rugby team until I injured my shoulder. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, I was accepted into the USF department of public health to pursue a Masters degree in environmental chemistry. Furthermore, I volunteered my time with the American Cancer Society where I served as chairman of the Ybor pub stroll, which raised over $13,000 for cancer research.

It was about this point in my life that I received my first adjustment. Everyday low back pain that I had been dealing with by taking Advil was suddenly gone! Additionally, my whole body felt great and I was significantly more alert. A very analytical person, I felt compelled to investigate chiropractic care for myself. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the more I spoke to people, the more I realized that chiropractic was a very popular, very viable form of healthcare used significantly more than I ever realized. I read various forms of published research and textbooks on chiropractic and knew at that point that I needed to become a chiropractor.

The week before I left for chiropractic college, I became engaged to my girlfriend Janice. That was an interesting day; I had my brother dress up in disguise as a peddler on St Pete Beach. As Janice and I walked up the beach, we were intercepted by "the peddler" asking us if we wanted to buy any of his goods. I paid him two dollars, opened up a small wood box, and the ring was hanging by a string. I caught the whole thing on video, as a close friend was incognito in a lifeguard stand with a video camera.

We left for Atlanta, Georgia shortly thereafter in the summer of 1997, so that I could begin my studies in chiropractic medicine. While I was in chiropractic college, besides being the best chiropractor that I could, I knew I wanted to also be a sports injury specialist. For this reason, I attended graduate school to get a Masters degree in sports injury management while I went to chiropractic college. In addition to this, I volunteered the required 2,000 hours in the athletic training room and outdoors on athletic fields under the supervision of certified athletic trainers with the goal of becoming a certified athletic trainer. Upon completion of the 2,000 hours of learning about sports injuries under the supervision of athletic trainers and orthopedic surgeons, I took the exam to become a certified athletic trainer and passed. During my masters studies, I wrote an 86 page masters thesis and after my second try, successfully defended it. I graduated chiropractic college in 2000 and received my masters degree in 2001.

Janice and I both attended Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Roswell, Georgia. We were very involved with our church and we had several good friends there. I was asked to speak on faith and values at a different church, one that I knew the pastor. I spoke during the pastor's entire sermon time and it was one of the most rewarding things I've ever done.

In 2004, I moved back home to Tampa and started Paton Chiropractic & Sports Medicine, a family focused chiropractic practice in a suburb of north Tampa. Since then, I have had several local, national and international appearances as a distinguished lecturer, which is ironic since I was always terrified to speak in front of groups as a child. At the local level, I have consistently lectured for the Florida Chiropractic Association on two main topics; The Chiropractor in an Athletic Setting and Ethics in Practice. At the National level, I was the opening speaker at one of the largest chiropractic gatherings in the country, called FOCUS. At the international level, and perhaps most notably I’ve had three major speaking appearances. The first was at the pre-olympic Scientific Congress, a scientific gathering the week before the 2004 Olympics in Greece. It was here where I was the first chiropractor in history to present research at the Scientific Congress of the Olympics. From that experience, I was noticed by members from the World Forum for Ethics in Business and six years later, in 2010 was invited to speak at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium. Additional speakers at the event was the Prime Minister of The Netherlands, the vice president of the World Bank Institute, a NASA astronaut with more time in space than any other American, among other European Parliament members. This was an experience I’ll never forget. Lastly, I was invited to speak at FIFA world headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland at the World Forum for Ethics in Sports which took place in September 2014.

On less of a professional level and more of a personal, I’m strongly involved with my church, Grace Family. When time permits, I volunteer as a table leader at the church’s bible study. I am also a member of another amazing church where a close friend is pastor, Gathering Pointe Church. It’s nice to have two solid rocks that keep me mentally and spiritually balanced.

In 2007, I wrote the book “Health Beyond Medicine” and have had over 20 television and 14 radio appearances to discuss natural healing, nutrition, chiropractic and other parts of my book. It has book sold over 5,000 copies. My hobbies include spending time with my wife and three children, boating, and playing guitar. I’ve been a licensed pilot for the past 7 years so every once in a while I’ll go up and fulfill my childhood dream by flying around the skies of central Florida.


Dr. Scott Paton

Meet the Paton's! 2004, the year we opened in Lutz

Dr Paton and family

Ten years later, in 2014

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