Endorsements & Testimonials

5 out of 5 stars, Midwest Book Review
"Conventional medicine with its dependence up prescribed pharmaceuticals dominates American healthcare practices and policies. But when Dr. Scoot Paton's son's life was threatened by a medical condition that hospital physicians couldn't diagnosis he took matters into his own hands. "Health Beyond Medicine: A Chiropractic Miracle" provides a detailed examination of the five secrets to superior health and longevity, modern medicine as it is practiced today, illustrated with case studies of chiropractic treatment and specific techniques that can change your life. "Health Beyond Medicine: A Chiropractic Miracle" explores chiropractic care as an alternative means to strengthening the immune systems to fight disease instead of mainstream methods of today's healthcare. Rich in case studies and resources "Health Beyond Medicine: A Chiropractic Miracle" is recommended for anyone wishing to explore and become knowledgeable about chiropractic and other alternative medicine methods, and a core addition to personal, professional, academic, and community library Alternative Medicine reference collections and supplemental reading lists".

"I love this book! It will help people take responsibility for their health by showing them that there are alternatives to the current 'disease care system' in America. Dr. Paton's five factors of health are the means to shift our focus to a true 'health care' mindset. This book should be required reading for all medical students."
—Jamie M. Schmidt, P.A.-C.

"A must-read for anyone seeking better health. This book is enlightening, informative and life-changing. Dr. Paton's insights and experiences are truly a gift."
—Sara and Corey Kersten, D.C.s

"The book is thorough and extremely well-referenced, and obviously took a great deal of time and effort. I admire Dr. Paton's dedication to living and teaching the mission. I am impressed, to say the least."
—Dan Roney, D.C.

"I have been researching health, the history of healing and the methods that have been used for several years. Although much has changed, truth has never gone out of style. Dr. Paton's passion and expression for the truth rings true with every page of this book. We are in an age when, regarding our health, it is time to tell the truth. We will not get it in an advertisement or drug marketing campaign but hopefully, people will take notice of this information and ultimately take responsibility for what is right."
—Timothy Young, D.C., F.A.S.A.